Jeremy Meyers,A Short History of the Computer(B.C.-A.D.1993)
The Computer History Museum, Virtual Visible Storage
Digibarn Computer Museum
The IEEE Computer Society timeline
Computer History Web Sites
Computer Industry History
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A timeline starting 50BC focusing on industry is maintained at Bull in France.
A timeline of computer history events is available from ComputerHope, with many entries for Apple, Windows, and Unix.
A focus on Canadian Computing is maintained by Zbigniew at York University.
The Deutsches Museum in Munich has an extensive computer section, with some pictures of their large collection of early mathematical instruments.
The University in Erlangen also displays on the floors of its department a collection of their historical old computers (incl. a Zuse Z23 from 1962), components, computing instruments, and graphics.
Computing in The Netherlands is shown in a military museum and at the Computer Museum at the Vrije Universiteit which shows, among other, paper tape and analog computers.The Vintage collection
The impressive museum on office technology started by Heinz Nixdorf in Paderborn, Germany,
The Electronics Museum in San Jose, CA
The Nerds’ Timeline “The Triumph of the Nerds”.
The History of Computers a computer-meeting company
A site, “Computers: History and Development, from Jones Knowledge, which focused on hardware, but closed down in 2006.
IBM’s museum is now on line, as the Antique attic, vol.1, vol.2, and vol. 3.
Interesting pictures of antique instruments for sale are found at The Gemmary, Antique Scientific Instruments, Old & Rare Books.
Folklore of computing, at Monash Univ.
Bletchley Park, Enigma and Colussus site, where Turing worked during WW II.
A glossary of terms used in the MIT Multics literature, generally useful for old computer stuff (1965-1975). Also list of their people; some S-1 references.