1. Computer History Museum
  2.  Computer History Exhibits

Professor Forsythe, founder and First Chairman of the Stanford CSD floor 1 – cabinet 2 {4}
CSD founding faculty (1965) floor 1 cabinet 3 {2}
IBM-CPC (1960) floor 1 cabinet 3 {3}
SAIL computer Lab display floor 1 – cabinet 4 {9}
SU Computer-Lab Seized by Vietnam protesters (1973) floor 1 – cabinet 5 {2}
LOTS student computing and ACME timesharing signalling box. floor 1 cabinet 5 {2}
Disk Memories display [ME] floor 1 cabinet 1 {8}
Mechanical and Electrical calculators [Forsythe, Floyd, Gio] floor 1 cabinet 2 base {8}
Stanford Programming contest trophies, John McCarthy Turing award
The Mobi-1 Robot and the Stanford Arm [Stanford Robotics Lab, Scheinman] floor 1, cabinets 6 and 7 {8}Printing Technology [Gio] [Warren] (1968) staircase to floor 2 left {}
Communications, early Modems [Gio] [CMHC] (1968) staircase to floor 2 right (was on floor 3) {} 

Men of Mathematics Poster [IBM]; in staircase from the first to the second floor. The on-line tour also shows some Women on Mathematics.
Early Devices display: memories [CMCH] floor2 left {9}
IBM 704 Vacuum Tube Assembly [CMHC] (1957) floor2 left {1}
Electric Key Punch [IBM] floor2 left {3}
MIT Whirlwind display [CMCH] floor2 right {5}
Computing without Electricity, with Integrators [Newcomer] (1917) floor 2 side (was floor4 right) {3}
more pictures of the Integrators [Newcomer] (1916) floor2 side {3} 

Early Computer History Poster (British), Microprocessor Provenance Poster.; in staircase from the second to the third floor.
IBM 360 display [Gio], [IBM] floor3 left {6}
Disk Technology and Fortran Game [CMHC] floor3 left {2}
Early Modems [Gio] [CMHC] (1968) floor3 right (was left) {}
DEC PDP display [CMHC] floor3 right {9}
Timesharing display [CMHC] under construction, floor3 right {9}
CROMEMCO display [ Andy Berg, Ray Borrill, Roger Melen, Jeff Johnson, Roger Parkinson, Gio Wiederhold] {10} 

Languages, Silicon Valley posters. in staircase from the third floor.
Home Computer Display (1970’s) left floor4 left {8}
SUN display [FB] floor4 right {10}
Cray display [CMHC] removed {10}
Apple Display [JU, Gio] being installed {10}  

David Gries’ compiler book in card form [Gries] (1973) {3}
Galaxy-Game machine [Pitts] (1971) removed to CHM {3}
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